Women on Stage – A Digital Poetry Chapbook

In 2018, the Women on Stage campaign took off, hoping to be the space that could bring together women, 30 years and older, who had a passion for writing poetry. Through the campaign, we met many poets and had the opportunity to come together to listen, create, laugh and share our art and our lives. The Women on Stage: Digital Poetry Chapbook is the first unfolding of the layers of poetry that these poets carry. Navigating through one’s own careers, marriage and motherhood– all of the women we met kept poetry alive in their lives–be it through sharing it in their Facebook walls or keeping it hidden in their diaries. This small digital collection is a preview of some of the poems that will be part of a larger anthology of poems that we are putting together with support from the British Council’s Creating Heroines project.

गहिरो प्रश्न – अनिता मर्हजन

परदेशी दाजु ! – अन्जु तिमल्सिना

सिउँडी र कपास – अप्सरा आचार्य भट्टराई

रथका दुई पाङ्ग्रा – बिजु चापागाईं

मुद्दा नं. ०७५–८१–२२८२ – भीमा मैनाली

आऊ न ! – विद्या खड्का

रजस्वला को रात – विमला पौडेल

छाेराे र मोबाइल – विणा नेम्कुल

मेरो पियक्कड साथी – विष्णु कला राई

मेरो प्रिय – चन्दा लामा

वृद्ध बोट – गुजे प्रजापति

हे कविता – कमल श्रेष्ठ

रित्तै पाना – प्रज्ञा खनाल

नछुनु – प्रभा अधिकारी

म कृष्णको प्रेममा छु – रुचि शाह राणा

पैँतिस वर्ष कटेकी एउटी अविवाहित महिला – रूपा थापा

दर्पण भित्र, दर्पण बाहिर – संविदा राजभण्डारी

कुप्री – शैलेश्वरी शर्मा

पहिचान – शोभा पोखरेल

मेरो बाल्यकाल र मेरो जन्म ठाउँ – सुमित्रा पाण्डे


Women on Stage was supported through the British Council’s Creating Heroines Project in 2019-2020. Creating Heroines is a collaborative international project initiated by the British Council.Bringing together female artists, graphic novelists and illustrators, the project explores the themes of overlooked heroines from the past and imagines heroines for the future.

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