दाङलाई सम्झदा…

बुक बससँगको पहिलो यात्रामा कवि नवीन भुसालले अनुभव गरेका कुराहरु र दाङमा जोडिएका यादहरुको बैकुण्ठको शाब्दिक वर्णन ।


Women on Stage in Nala: a photo story


The US Embassy’s Book Bus in collaboration with Word Warriors has been running Women on Stage – a series of poetry writing and performance workshops for anyone who identifies as a woman. Follow this link to view snapshots of the newest cycle of Women on Stage organized in Nala, Kavre.


Word Warriors Live: Juneli June


On June 16, 2018 Word Warriors organized another live poetry event. It was largely conceived as a platform to connect poets from around Nepal who are currently in Kathmandu. Word Warrior Sudikchya Shrestha shares her experience in organizing and attending the event.


11:11, Make a Poetic Wish!


Every year in April, the Word Warriors take up a writing challenge where they write a new poem for each of the first eleven days of the month. Word Warrior Rownika shares her experience of completing this writing challenge after two years of stalling.


Taking Spoken Word Poetry to Dang

Some glimpses from the workshop

From April 1 to April 4, the Word Warriors facilitated a spoken word poetry workshop for the teachers and high school students at Lamahi, Dang-Deukhuri. Here, Larisa Shrestha gives a rundown of the activities done during the workshop.


Spoken Word in Dang

Prama Chaudhary reading out her poem on the final day of the workshop

This is a collection of some poems written by some of the participants of the spoken word poetry workshop at Shree Bal Janata Higher Secondary School in Dang-Deukhuri.


कक्षाकोठादेखि कक्षाकोठासम्म

Some glimpses of the three-week long intensive  spoken word poetry instructor training.

कवितामा केन्द्रित तालिम भएको हुनाले कविताको बारेमा सिक्न इच्छुक कविहरुका लागि यो एकदमै राम्रो अवसर थियो । कविता भनेपछि हुरुक्कै हुने मैले पनि यो अवसर गुमाउन चाहिन । डिसेम्बर २३ देखि एक महिनाको लागि हरेक मंगलबार र शनिवारको पुरै समय मैले यो कार्यशालाको लागि दिएँ । कविता आफूमा सबै हुन त राम्रा नै लाग्छन्, तर राम्रा कवितालाई अझै सिंगार्न मैले यो वर्कशपबाट सिक्न पाएँ । रुपक, उपमा र अनुप्रास जस्ता कुरालाई कवितामा ढाले पछी आफ्नै कवितामा देखिएको भिन्नता हेरेर म मख्खै परे । त्यसमा झन् मिठास थप्ने काम गर्यो सेन्सरी डिटेल अथवा संवेदी विवरणले । हाम्रो यो तालिमको उदेश्य भनेको मात्र आफू सिकेर आफूमै सिमित राख्ने थिएन । विभिन्न ठाउँमा गएर अरुलाई पनि कविता लेख्न प्रेरित गर्ने हाम्रो चाहाना भएकाले कविता सँगसँगै मैले कक्षाकोठालाई कसरी अझ रमाइलो र राम्रो बनाउन सकिन्छ भन्ने नि सिकेँ । त्यो वातावरणमा नै म एक छुट्टै सकरात्मक अनुभूति पाउथेँ । सबै आफ्नै जस्ता लाग्ने भएर पनि होला मन सारै आनन्दित महसुस गर्थ्यो ।


Slammin’ It

Yaman Thapa slammin' it at the QC Awards Youth Poetry Slam 2017

Yaman Thapa was one of the participants of QC Awards Youth Poetry Slam 2017. She was a part of our spoken word poetry workshop, and she was later selected as one of the top 20 finalists for QC Awards. One of the five winners of the Slam, Yaman shares her experience of being a part of the QC Awards Youth Poetry Slam 2017.


A Full Circle

BeFunky Collage

It was in Birgunj that Larisa conducted a basic three-day spoken word poetry workshop earlier in 2017, under the Write to Speak campaign. She went to Birgunj again to attend a performance event, ‘Spoken Word Poetry Live: Birgunj’ featuring 20 participants who were selected for intensive writing and performing workshops. Here, she writes about her recent trip to Birgunj.


A First Timers Take on Youth Poetry Competitions


The QC Awards 2017: Youth Poetry Slam Auditions


धराने धुन

Nirajan at the public performance in Big Food Cafe, Dharan Photo credit: We Dharane

धरानको थुप्रै स्कुल कलेज पुग्दाका थुप्रै सम्झना , साच्चै सम्झनामा लाग्छ रमाइलो भने झैँ रमाइलो लाग्दा छन्। चाहे धरानको एउटा स्कुलमा पढ्ने भाईले धराने लबजमा-
“अन्त्के दाजुको कविता चै over मन पर्यो है”
भनेको क्षण होस् या सारदा बालिका स्कुलमा पढ्ने बहिनीले beat box सुनाको पल होस् वा गर्मीमा पसलको तल आइसक्रिम खादै गर्दा त्यहि घरको माथिल्लो तला बाट एक किशोर हामीलाई देखेर “राइट टु स्पीक” भन्दै कराएको पल; सम्झिदै मनमा अनौठो हलचल महसुश हुन्छ ।


For the First Time

Photo credit: Sanskriti

In the past three days, I have learned so much more. I realized how much I enjoy working with kids, playing with them and interacting with them. I realized that if you muster up enough courage to shake off the dust of fear and nervousness from your shoulders, and take one small leap anything is possible. This also includes conducting a spoken word poetry workshop all by yourself for the first time.


आपूर्तिको नाकामा कविताका भाका


राइट टु स्पिक तथा अम्रिकन एम्ब्सीको बुक बुस कार्यक्रमको सहकार्यमा विरगन्जमा spoken word poetry टुर भएको थियो। पुष ३ गते देखि ९ गते सम्म भएको सो टुर, बीरगंजका विभिन्न स्कूल तथा कलेजहरुमा पुग्यो । विरगन्जका युवाहरु सित कविता भन्दै-सुन्दै बिताएको त्यो एक हप्ताको अनुभव ।


Poetry in Extremis


‘Poetry in Extremis’ conducted at Quixote’s Cove (December 3 &4, 2016) was a poetry workshop organized by Word Warriors. In this two day workshop supervised by Eleanor Walsh, participants discussed a selection of poems that focused on speaking against social injustice and discrimination.


Mushaira at Quixote’s Cove


In the three-day workshop, ‘The Art of Ghazal’, organized by Word Warriors (WW) at QC bookshop, we tried to create our own mushaira.


The Folding Poem

IMG_1944-featured image

In between confusions for writing a response and snickers at the responses written, these creative poets got a chance to not only bond and form friendship among one another but at the end also learnt how in the process of writing what really matters is the process and not the product. While enjoying this fun writing exercise, these four groups named themselves with quirky yet creative names and submitted their Folding Poem. While Samip Dai read the poems aloud to the kids, roars of laughter and giggles filled the class.


Pokhara ain’t just about pizzas anymore

Photo courtesy: PRASAD

I have been to Pokhara multiple times. I’ve had a very judgmental opinion about people who liked to party by the Lakeside. Pokhara for me was a place for hedonists. I chose to believe I was not one. My opinion has changed over the years. Pokhara has more to offer than its famous Lakeside. Of course you know that.You have heard that before. But let me tell you again.

Photos by PRASAD


नारायणीको डिम्पल


यहाँको ठाउँ हो कि यहाँका साना साना कवि, उमेरमा जसले पनि कविता लेख्न खोज्छ, तर उमेर बढ्दै जाँदा त्यो खुबी घट्दै जान्छ र बिलिन हुन्छ, अनि भन्छन्, “थाहा छ? म पनि बच्चामा कविता लेख्थें नि”, तर यी भाइबहिनीहरु बिलिन हुँदैनन्, किनकि यिनीहरुले जानिसके, कविता भनेको कविता मात्र हैन, आवाज हो । तिनीहरु मानौ गुम्सिएको भावनालाई आवाज दिँदै थिए, कोहि कम्पुटर स्क्रिनमा देखिने आमालाई बाहिर निकाल्न चाहान्थे, कोहि आफुलाई होस्टेल छोडेर आफ्नो अस्तित्व जनाउन केवल उपहार पठाउने बाबाको लागि भक्कानिदै कविता निकाल्थे । ती कविता थिएनन्, गुम्सिएका आवाज थिए, अनि यो त बस उनीहरुको सुरवात थियो ।


Working in groups

Ujjwala talks to Santwana, Sasit and Nischal - some of our older participants in the intensive workshops in Kavre.

Ujjwala Maharjan has been teaching spoken word for about four years now. She shares with us, her experience while working as an instructor for a group of participants of different age groups.


For the first time

Nischal on stage!

Nischal Prajapati runs us through the first intensive workshop held in Kavre as a part of Write to Speak from 31 March, 2016 to 2 April, 2016. During the workshop, he got up on stage for the first time in his life and shared a poem.


Playing with poetry in Gatlang

Photo courtesy: Srijanalaya

Kriti Adhikari shares her experiences of working with students from Gatlang, a Tamang village in northern Rasuwa, as a part of ‘Art Works, Sangai Khelaun’ program. (Photos courtesy: Srijanalaya)


In Chitwan

Post-workshop photo! Say 'poetryyy'.

A team of Word Warriors (Nasala Chitrakar, Nischal Neupane, Samip Dhungel, Ujjwala Maharjan and Yukta Bajracharya) along with Kshitiz, the man with the camera reached Chitwan on the second week of March to workshop with young poets of Chitwan. Winter had long left when they got there. It was hot, hot, hot. But they didn’t let the heat get to them. There was chilled mewaad to keep them cool, enthusiastic participants to keep them energized and poetry for everything else. Nischal Neupane writes about his experience.


Setting up the stage in Chitwan


Our Narayanghat bhaiharu who had been helping us coordinate, manage, implement and publicize our tours and event were of opinion that we might get more people than the seating capacity (100 people) in Udhyog Banijya Sangh hall, the venue we had booked for our public event. We didn’t take it seriously but we were also a bit concerned and a bit excited, what if there was a bigger turn out and we weren’t ready for it. And what if people showed up and demanded we let them perform as well. Kshitiz dai, our videographer, joked he’d be happy if there was drama.


Places are made of People


कविताको नसामा माछाको रस

Photo by Kshitiz

Reflections on our recent trip to Kavre. Word Warriors worked with over 70 youth of ages 13 to 25 from Kavre as a part of Write to Speak Introductory Workshop. The workshop was held at Gyanjkunj School in Banepa on 13, 14 and 16 January, 2016.


“Knee-Call” in December

A wrap of photo, some participants missing.

To the performer/learner/educator in us, a lot of ideas floated around the workshop, up for grab. We learnt how to connect, motivate and guide a group of young students eager to learn poetry. We were allowed to share our piece up front and all of us gathered to polish the performance being the best helpful critics we could be. We went home richer, with a new set of wings to soar the creative world with.


Picks of the Pack

Photo by: Kshitiz Shrestha

Word Warriors conducted a two-day spoken word poetry workshop on 3 & 4 November, 2015 at Kanya Campus in Pokhara. We had over 80 participants ‘workshopping’ with us. Spoken word instructor Samip Dhungel shares some of the poetry written by participants in his poetry group.


Word Warriors in Pokhara


After a round of visiting schools and meeting enthusiastic youth in the beginning of October, the Word Warriors are back in Pokhara for a workshop. Here is a glimpse of what the introductory tour was all about. Stay tuned for updates on the Spoken Word 101 Workshop happening this week!


A Reflective Perspective

Ciara drops in for one of the WW Hangout sessions on October 17 at WW Headquarters, Quixote’s Cove. Here’s what she thought about hanging out with the Word Warriors for the first time.


Pokhara, here we come!

WW Team chilling by the Lake side!

Photo by: Nasala Chitrakar

Word Warriors take Write to Speak to Pokhara.


Classroom inside a classroom


Word Warriors conducted a two-day Instructor Training Workshop on 22nd and 24th of August. Following the workshop, the trainees also accompanied the BookBus on its trip to Evergreen School, Sankhu, as shadows to two of our wonderful Instructors. We hope, in near future, with a little more shadowing and guidance, they will lead creative, fostering classes of their own. Anudeep Dewan, one of the instructors of the instructor training workshop and Usha Dahal, a workshop participant who also shadowed the instructors during the BookBus trip share their experience.


Alphabets: When she read d-a-y

Illustration by Jakub Konvica. Recommend you to check this  out

Rojina is studying in grade 10 now and she is very worried about passing her S.L.C examination. She is afraid that if she fails, her relatives will start pestering her again, that it will be an excuse for them to point out once again that she should quit trying to study and just get married. For S.L.C., her biggest worry is about passing English she told me.



There are many kinds of courage. - Photo and Caption credit - Courage by Bernard Waber

That was the first time I froze in a classroom and did not know what to do. I remember her friends at the back of the class wiping their tears away, I remember giving her a hug but realizing she didn’t need it (I needed it more than her at the moment) and I remember her doing another poem- philosophizing life again but this time on a cheerful note of smiling through, well, life. I can’t help but wonder how people, at such young age, are capable of such strength, if strength is really the word for it


Maiden Voyages


It was only an hour before show time. Most of our Write to Speak participants had arrived. Some of them had even brought their friends with them. Today was the day they would be performing their own poems, in front of an audience for what would be the first time for many of them.


Art, life lessons and poetry


On July 18th, we were reunited for the third Intensive workshop. We missed out a few participants as they were celebrating Eid and one of the student (Khusi) sadly had to go back to Gorkha, her town as she was past her stay at the hostel for girls with disabilities. (But she’s the one we’re most frequently in touch with. She keeps sending miss calls our way and when we call back is bursting with stories and jokes.) But those of us who were present were in for a treat that day.


Word Warriors Retreat in Chitlang


Once in a while, the Word Warriors take to the woods for a writing retreat. After games that went on till midnight, an early morning walk up the hill through the orchard, more games and then a writing session based on a couple of prompts, all facilitated by our wonderful Emily Weitzman, Word Warriors had a small poetry reading session in the orchards. Here are two of the participant’s reading their poems, fresh from the orchards.


Sarah Kay “What we build”

Sarah Scripps

“There is so much rebuilding to be done. Homes, buildings, roads, lives, infrastructure. But healing is also a type of building. Creativity is also a type of building. And even if you do not know how to lay the bricks that rebuild a city, perhaps you have poems and words and care to create communities, shared experiences, and opportunity for empathy. Maybe you can help rebuild the people who have been left to fight another day. The heart and mind deserve rebuilding too.”


Poetry Shade


In early April, we held a three-day workshop (on 10th,11th & 18th) for our participants for Write to Speak (WTS) in Kathmandu. This was the second of the three intensive workshops. This workshop in particular was geared towards helping participants use more specific performance skills such as emoting and being comfortable with one’s own body and poetry, while performing it. On the last day of the workshop, there was a sharing session where participants shared something they had written with the whole group. We called this session the ‘Poetry Shade’. We were filled with joy and pride to see our participants experiment with similes and metaphors to express themselves and to come up front and share their work.
Take a look at these poems by three of our participants!


Never mind the numbers


After all the preparation, when April finally arrived, the WTS Intensive Workshops kicked off with a lot of enthusiasm at the workshop space at Quixote’s Cove. Instructor Ujjwala Maharjan shares her own reflections on the before, during and after of the Write to Speak workshops.


Writing haikus in Jhapa


Some of the students from our workshops even came out to cheer for us during our performance at the festival venue. They proved to be our saving grace, faced with a crowd that had to be coaxed into clapping and silenced by going into teacher-mode. We walked off stage to people appreciative of this art form; our performance had had just the right mix of feminism and atheism to tickle our audience of “progressive thinkers”.


Sarah Kay: a Muse and a Friend


Over several cups of green tea, that had somehow become our classroom essential that week, we

discuss the day, the week, the curriculum’s progress, our prompts – this is our last day of training and

we are eager to cover as much as we can. We had started at 9 in the morning. It’s already half past 6 and

I try to wrap it up for the day worrying we’re pushing Sarah too much but she continues.

“I want to make sure you have everything you need.”


Slamming it at Mandala


Five young poets, Chiran Raj Pandey, Kriti Adhikari, Rupesh Bhattarai, Prizma Khosin and Arya Razouria, were announced the winners of QC Awards 2015: The Youth Poetry Slam.


Spoken Word Literally

Shout out loud!

On January, 2015 more than a hundred young people took part in an introductory workshops held at two different venues in Kathmandu. The workshop which were facilitated by Ujjwala, Yukta, Samip and Anudeep from the Word Warriors inspired the participants to explore spoken word poetry and make the art form their own.


Sarah Kay: The Word Weaver


सेरा, शिक्षा र स्पोकन वर्ड पोइट्री

सुन्दर, हँसिलो अनुहार, मन्त्रमुग्ध पार्ने उनको स्पष्ट स्वर र उनको त्यो खुला हाँसो । दर्शकबीच उपस्थित केहीले ढुकढुक भएको आफ्नो मुटु थाम्न छातीमा हात राखे, केहीले खुसीका आँसु खसाल्लान्झैं गरेर मुख छोप्दै विस्तारै भने, ‘ओ माई गड !’


Poetry retreat at Dhulikhel


Scared of
performing in front of many strangers and fearful of being unable to
understand and relate to contemporary Nepali feelings, I squirmed
anxiously on the bus ride to Dhulikhel. Yet, group bus games, rap battles, nighttime walks, and impromptu poetry disavowed any sense of not belonging.


From the page to the stage


Formed right after the QC Awards 2010, the first slam poetry workshop and competition in Nepal, Word Warriors was more or less restricted to its Facebook page in its early days. A handful of poets began performing at events around town and slowly the art form gained recognition.


Reading into the Spoken Word


I have always had the habit of unconsciously flailing my hands every time I speak in front of a crowd. When I found out that there is an art for it, no one had to coax me to try it.


Stars on our side

Sanky baby

You watch as he bares himself, released from the bounds and burdens of family legacies and societal ties and expectations, the stage now an altar where he lets his wishes fly on the wings of beautiful, powerful utterances—“I am you, stomping down your feet and claiming, ‘I am gonna be a goddamn artist someday!’”


WW Live: All Nepali Slam – Winners Announced


Word Warriors Live: All Nepali Slam was filled with brilliant Nepali language poems and performances by 16 performers who took part in the competition, held at Thames International College, Purano Baneshwor on July 12th, 2014. The three winners of the first ever all-Nepali language slam competition, organized by Word Warriors poetry slam group in collaboration with Quixote’s Cove, were Nawaraj Parajuli, Aakash Baral and Krishna Thapa Magar.


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