The Folding Poem

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Written by Larisa Shrestha 

It is the second day of intensive workshop. Twenty six students from different schools in Ilam who made it through the auditions arrive at the American Corner here in Ilam. After a quick session of Check In Check Out, Samip Dai tells these young and budding poets to try out an exciting and fun writing exercise. “It’s called Folding Poem”, he enthuses. “We’ll give you a random line and one member from each group writes a response to the line and folds the paper and passes it to the person next to him. Now this bro writes a response to the line written by the previous bro, folds the paper and passes it to the next person. The third bro writes a response to the second bro’s line but can not read the first member’s response. And then the ritual continues.” He further explains. (Here bro is not a gender-specific term.)

The four groups into which these young poets were divided went on to write consequent responses to the line that was given to them- “The clock is ticking.” After rounds of passing the paper in between spurts of laughter and bursts of giggles, these enthusiastic kids jotted down their responses. Sumnima Rai, one of the participants, while scratching her head and constantly grumbling how she can not come up with a response to a line before her that says- ‘It is better’-ends up writing: “Why is it better?”

In between confusions for writing a response and snickers at the responses written, these creative poets got a chance to not only bond and form friendship among one another but at the end also learnt how in the process of writing what really matters is the process and not the product. While enjoying this fun writing exercise, these four groups named themselves with quirky yet creative names and submitted their Folding Poem. While Samip Dai read the poems aloud to the kids, roars of laughter and giggles filled the class.

Here is the group (Folding) poem written by twenty six young poets within ten minutes.


The clock is ticking

All around from 1 to 12

It never feels tired

And it’s square in shape

I love to tickle my tongue along

I am longing to get the paradise in the coming moments

And my impatience is increasing second by second for those moments to arrive

I know it helps me in every moment

It is responsible from my birth to death

And it is a gift from my father which he bought

It has only three fingers but many directions to show

She knelt down and looked at the sun as if it could help her save her time

But unfortunately the shining sun already set

It makes me sleep and makes me wake

But I don’t like its habit of ringing loud in sunny Saturdays

But not on Friday’s

I love to hear the tickle tackle of my Chinese Clock

As elegant as a fictitious story, my life dazzled everyone

As skimpy as a pint of blood, I became unnoticed

I hang it on the wall sometimes and sometimes at the wrist


The clock is ticking

My heart is going faster than it

May be it never stops

It is a way to find time

It tells us the value and meaning of life

To inform the people so that they can feel elite

हरेक दुक्दुकिसगै म जिउदै छु भन्ने प्रेरित गराउदै

It reminds the human beings that we should walk with time

Person who doesn’t follow time may commit great crime

So follow time and continue your poem

And make each second valuable

So that they can have dinner served on the table

आफ्नो दुख र सुख साट्न

Tell us the value of every moment

Gives us opportunity to make future if we follow it

We have to follow the rules

Rules should be taken consideration with time

Remember the every second is important

So you develop and get success

त्यो सुन्दर शान्त आकाशमा उड्ने र चन्द्रमा छुने रहर पुर गर्न

Battery over, the clock stops


The clock is ticking

वरिपरि घुमिघुमी जेठा, माहिला र कान्छा

१२ अंकको आमा त्यो घडीको भिता

Battery सकिदा गरिरहन्छु यस्को म चिन्ता

चिन्ता, चिन्ता हरबखत चिन्ता, म त चिता पुग्न लागिसके

तर पनि हामी चिन्तामा जिवन यापन गर्दैछौ

तर अब हामीले पनि यसलाई उज्यालोको बाटोतिर लग्नुपर्छ

सबैले मिलेर यसलाई चन्द्रमाको उज्यालो किरणमा पुर्‍याउनुपर्छ

हो हो चन्द्रमामा पुर्‍याउनुपर्छ, घडीलाई चन्द्रमामा

चन्द्रमामा त मानिस नै छैन त्यसैले मानिस भाकै ठाउँमा ल्याउनुपर्छ

मानिसलाई मात्र होइन समय सबैले जान्न पाउनुपर्छ

त्यसैले मैले मेरो घडी horseको stableमा राखेको छु

मेरो जिन्दगी घोडाको रफ्तरमा कुद्छ

र म पनि घडीको साथ जिन्दगीमा कुद्छु

धेरै घोडाको साथ् जिन्दगीमा कुद्दै कुद्दा आज मेरो मुटु झर्याम झुरुम

तर घडी नै त हो, यो नि पृथ्वीमा वरिपरी घुमिरहन्छ

घुम्दा घुम्दै दिक्क लागिसक्यो

मलाई यी तीनवटा भातेहरु झरे पनि हुने

सकियो यो घडीको अब त मरे पनि हुन्थ्यो


The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking continuously

The clock is ticking continuously to give us time

I don’t know from where the clock is ticking

Thank you! I don’t know. It is better.

Why is it better?

It does tick tick to show our way

And I thank it for ticking

I sometimes don’t like its ticking

Me too, but what can I do?

It is its habit

What are you saying?

I don’t know

Important thing is that you must know

Whatever is done, it is done according to clock’s time

But I believe always clock is not helpful

Because sometimes the clock damages

Please don’t tell me that, it is my favorite clock

Ha! कस्तो खाले जति खेरै टक टक गरी रहन्छ

It’s beautiful in its way

It is curious by the tick tick of the watch or clock

The clock is helpful as oxygen

But sometimes it is destructive like atom bomb

Yes!! You are right.

So true saying

But it is nothing, it may be anything

Let it be

It helps to save time for us whatever we do

Or we wanted to do by the help of time

अरे भाई, क्या बक्वास हे!

ये बक्वास नै खास हे

मुझे पता हे

क्या हे? Anything wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

It’s okay

It has different shapes like oval, circle, square

अरे सचमे! क्या comedy हे!


By Larisa Shrestha

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