“Knee-Call” in December

A wrap of photo, some participants missing.

With the cold attached on the exposed skin and slowly making its way to the bone, we huddled together on a 12th of December morning at QC Headquarters, Ekantakuna. Sitting across on a comfortable sofa, was Nicole Sumner or “Knee-call” as she’d introduce herself, swinging her arms to her knee and making a “call-me” sign on her ear. The gesture immediately made us comfortable to be in her presence and promised a fun workshop ahead. Lines on her eyes spoke of experience and her crisp voice quickly guided us along.

The first part of Workshop got us familiar with one another. We had to consciously say our name thrice while we described our name. I thought this was the standard procedure of getting to know each other’s name. But as the activity moved on, more personal anecdotes surfaced. By the end of the activity, it felt like we’ve known each soul huddled around corner of the room since a long time. There was a connection. We were off to a great start!

Then came the crazy. We were unleashed in a much wider space upstairs at QC. “Knee-call” gave us a short demo of how we could utilize our voice by swinging us on the highs and lows of her vocal pitch. It was a soul-stirring musical. We all burst into a clap and an almost tangible excitement hung by our throat. Certain warm-up routines were introduced and by the next minute, we all were squealing, screaming, whispering! A burst of awkwardness and fun exploded in our stomach.

Along periphery of  having fun, there were a lot of learning materials and points we were picking up on. To the performer/learner/educator in us, a lot of ideas floated around the workshop, up for grab.  We learnt how to connect, motivate and guide a group of young students eager to learn poetry. We were allowed to share our piece up front and all of us gathered to polish the performance being the best helpful critics we could be. We went home richer, with a new set of wings to soar the creative world with.

The second day of the workshop included a lot of finger tapping, hand clapping and a burst of rhythmic beats guided our words along. “Knee-call” groomed us along with her soft words of encouragement. Even with the absence of words, she extended arms of encouragement. We felt grateful, for the sturdy once-upon-a-time truck driver (yes, she used to drive a truck!) and we concluded the workshop with the amazing truck-driver’s encouragement honking us along.

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