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After the earthquake, we hadn’t been able to meet with our Write to Speak kids (we keep calling them “our” “kids” – they’re not either but in someway they are too, for us.) We had talked to them over the phone – some of them immediately after the earthquake, confirming if everyone was okay. We’re really grateful that everyone was safe, unharmed, their families unharmed too. Some of them lost their houses in the villages but more than two months after the earthquake, everyone has picked up from where they had left off- they’re back in school, most of them have ascended a grade since we last met. So we decided to pick up from where we’d left off too.

On July 18th, we were reunited for the third Intensive workshop. We missed out a few participants as they were celebrating Eid and one of the student (Khusi) sadly had to go back to Gorkha, her town as she was past her stay at the hostel for girls with disabilities. (But she’s the one we’re most frequently in touch with. She keeps sending miss calls our way and when we call back is bursting with stories and jokes.) But those of us who were present were in for a treat that day.


For this workshop, we decided to keep it very informal where we’d just catch up. We started with some art- crayons, color markers and paint had kept us sane after the earthquake. We wanted to share that experience with our participants and hence incorporated some of the art sessions we had attended and mixed it up with words.

That wasn’t treat enough though. The real treat came in form of an human energy ball from India – Deepak Ramola. Deepak was in Nepal on his Masterpiece tour of  a project he initiated called Project F.U.E.L (FUEL stands for Forward the Understanding of Every Life lesson. The project carries out life skills workshops by turning every life lesson into an interactive exercise). He was at QC to visit Word Warriors and went forth with an unplanned workshop  and did some of his really fun exercises that he designs based on the life lessons he collects from people around the world. The participant enjoyed every bit of Deepak’s exercises that were quick, fun and came with a life-lesson packed not in preachy sermons but in a game that revealed the lessons like  magic tricks. A lesson on challenging limits by creating a new alphabet, a lesson on patience by spending 15 minutes in writing one’s name, a lesson on handling problems that keep pushing you by tango-ing with it- it was wonderful. And a favorite of many was when he turned answers to 8 seemingly unrelated questions to a coherent poem.

We’d gotten in the mood of poetry again after Deepak performed few of his poems. So the kids shared a few of their poems they had written since we last met. Kamal wrote a poem in remembrance of Dharara, Prayatna surprised us with quite a contemplative poem on her future or life, different from all the playful poems she used to write, Rojina wrote about wanting to be back in QC again to meet everyone (awww ) and Ashma spun a poem out of the 8 questions Deepak gave on the spot like a pro. They’ve gone home with some creative writing prompts Yukta “mam” gathered in to keep their poetic minds churning till we meet next time. May be this Tuesday if they have holidays in their schools.

But we’re also mostly looking forward to the WW Live next Saturday (July 25th) where most of our kids will perform. We’re excited like people who are going to watch their kids perform on stage the first time in an annual school parent’s day program. Can’t wait to feel like the proud parents. Next Saturday!





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