Who Are the Word Warriors?

Word Warriors are a Kathmandu-based group of young poets leading the spoken word movement in Nepal. We have been performing, conducting events, competitions and workshops, all over Nepal, sharing the platform that spoken word provides for youth expression and voice.

How do I join the Word Warriors?

Come to our events.WW Live happens every month, so there is one place you can come meet us. Information about WW Live is given out through Spoken Word Nepal. If it is not physically possible for you to come, you can still join our Facebook Group. We don’t have any rigid membership schemes. So feel free to find us at our performance and say hello.

Do you guys perform regularly at any venue?

Yes and No. We do perform regularly but we do not have a fixed venue. Like our Facebook Page to stay informed about our Events.

I only write poetry and have never performed. Can I still be part of Word Warriors?

Yes you can. Word Warriors, after all is about the love for poetry. Having said that, our focus is on spoken word poetry and most of what we do is related to this art form. Hence, we hope that at some point, you do consider performing. You can take your time, though.  

You guys give workshops? When’s the next workshop that we can be part of?

Yes, we do give spoken word workshops. We organize workshops regularly and also entertain requests for workshops. Look out for our next workshop date on our Facebook Page or contact us, if you want the Word Warriors to organize a workshop for your school/college/institution/organization.  

What is the difference between spoken word poetry , slam poetry and just poetry?

Spoken word poetry is poetry that is performed in front of an audience. It is not just about the words you have written but about how you perform it. Slam poetry is spoken word done in a competitive context. Most spoken word communities organize slam competitions where poets compete with each other.

Why be an instructor?

Primarily because teaching is an amazing experience. Being an Instructor will provide you with teaching opportunities, at schools and colleges. You can also design workshops on your own and try them out and see how effective your methodologies are. After you become an instructor you also get to travel with the Word Warriors.  

Ethical Code:

Word Warriors is a group of poets who set words on fire as they romp through K-town! This is an open group and anyone is welcome to join, share poetry, and perform spoken word/slam poetry along with us. Please keep in mind the guidelines below.

-Plagiarism is a crime: 
Do not claim someone else’s work as your own, if you feel a strong urge to post someone else's work, do mention the source and give credit.  
-Respect the Word.
Writing should be first and foremost for yourself but while sharing, you are sharing it with everyone in the group. Writing lyk dis mite be kewl while txting, however, for the sake of clarity, avoid using lingos and slangs while posting (unless your poem makes special use of them to achieve a certain effect)  
-Be open to Criticism
You are advised to prepare yourself for feedback and criticism. Go ahead, do a victory dance if you really liked someone's comment about the cool ending of your poem but do not be discouraged if someone probably did not enjoy a few lines here and there. This is a community concerned with growth and improvement of poetry, so, be willing to receive and implement constructive criticism when the opportunity arises.  
-Don’t Attack but Provide Criticism
You are encouraged to provide constructive criticism where you see fit. However, please refrain from attacking a person directly or using offensive or provocative language.  
-Share Share Share: 
You are welcome to post videos of your poems to receive feedback on how to improve specially on the performance aspect on our Poetry Platform.  
-Take responsibility
You are responsible for whatever you post and the words you choose.  

Do You Guys have any Membership Structures?

While we do not have any rigid scheme to be a member we do have a structure within our existing members,these are more like roles that we occupy.

Program Coordinators
Program Coordinators are responsible for execution of our programs,See our Programs.
We have instructors who are mostly involved with training and workshop at schools and colleges.
WW Core Group
Some of the active Word Warriors constitute the WW Core Group.

Our Programs

Regional Slams

We organize inter-school youth poetry slam or competitions in various regions.Contact us to hold a regional slam in your area.


Word Warriors do performances at bars, museums, art spaces, events and in random streets or art spaces around town.

Educational Program 2
Educational Programs

Our educational workshops are designed in such a way, that it not only instills them with poetry skills and tools, but also helps them become creative thinkers and writers and better public speakers.

Write to Speak

Write to Speak is a campaign run by the Word Warriors, to introduce performance poetry to young members from diverse communities in five urban centers in Nepal.