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For the First Time

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In the past three days, I have learned so much more. I realized how much I enjoy working with kids, playing with them and interacting with them. I realized that if you muster up enough courage to shake off the dust of fear and nervousness from your shoulders, and take one small leap anything is possible. This also includes conducting a spoken word poetry workshop all by yourself for the first time.


आपूर्तिको नाकामा कविताका भाका


राइट टु स्पिक तथा अम्रिकन एम्ब्सीको बुक बुस कार्यक्रमको सहकार्यमा विरगन्जमा spoken word poetry टुर भएको थियो। पुष ३ गते देखि ९ गते सम्म भएको सो टुर, बीरगंजका विभिन्न स्कूल तथा कलेजहरुमा पुग्यो । विरगन्जका युवाहरु सित कविता भन्दै-सुन्दै बिताएको त्यो एक हप्ताको अनुभव ।


Poetry in Extremis


‘Poetry in Extremis’ conducted at Quixote’s Cove (December 3 &4, 2016) was a poetry workshop organized by Word Warriors. In this two day workshop supervised by Eleanor Walsh, participants discussed a selection of poems that focused on speaking against social injustice and discrimination.


Mushaira at Quixote’s Cove


In the three-day workshop, ‘The Art of Ghazal’, organized by Word Warriors (WW) at QC bookshop, we tried to create our own mushaira.


Who are WW?

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Word Warriors are a Kathmandu-based group of young poets leading the spoken word movement in Nepal. We have been performing, conducting events, competitions and workshops, all over Nepal, sharing the platform that spoken word provides for youth expression and voice. Learn More>>

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Regional Slams

We organize inter-school youth poetry slam or competitions in various regions. In collaboration with Quixote’s Cove, we organized the second inter-school poetry slam in Kathmandu QC Awards 2013: The Poetry Slam , QC Awards 2013: Slamming in Surkhet in the Surkhet valley and the QC Awards 2015 . How do we organize regional slams? – […]


Word Warriors do performances at bars, museums, art spaces, events and in random streets or art spaces around town.

Educational Programs
Educational Programs

Our educational workshops are designed in such a way, that it not only instills them with poetry skills and tools, but also helps them become creative thinkers and writers and better public speakers.

Write to Speak

Write to Speak is a campaign run by the Word Warriors, to introduce performance poetry to young members from diverse communities in five urban centers in Nepal.


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